Sunday, February 2, 2020

Noise is my enemy!!

More and more, I get instantly agitated over noise and anything that interrupts my train of thought.  It is not a slow boil, it is instant anger.  Television is the worst offender!  My wife wants the television on 24/7 and the commercials do not bother her.  She lo es to comment on whatever is on the television, and it irritates me.  Of course, I can't say much.  So, I steam even more.   Of course, that causes BP issues and some dizziness.

That is the best feature of "The Cabin".  I seldom have the TV on and no-one talks to me because the door is locked.  Works for me.

I need quiet, alone time, and control of may environment to keep an even keel.

Another issue that seems to be increasing is vision difficulties.  Things seem far away and indistinct.  I laugh everyone I shave.  When I was a littler boy, I would ask my Dad why he wore his glasses when he shaved.  Now I know!  If I did not wear my glasses, I would cut my nose off!  But even with my strong glasses, I have difficulties seeing.

Reading is also more difficult.   to because I cannot see the words, but more and more, the letters don't make words.  I have had that issue off and on for a long time, but it is really becoming an issue now.  Out Church sings "Praise" music and I don't know the songs.  Many times, I can't figure out the words in time to sing them!

Oh well, LBD progresses.  No surprise.

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  1. Please hold on. You are doing fantastic! I know what LBD does. My husband is 60 and was diagnosed Christmas, 2015. He's having rotator cuff surgery (it's bad) soon and is having problems with blank time he calls it or waiting room tine, traffic stuck time. Any words of wisdom? Please give your wife a hug, too. The disease takes its toll on the caregivers in a big way but we love our spouses and would do anything we could for you. Mike's email is if you ever want to reach out. Mike is isolated now after his friends and family hit the road when he got sick. He's a history buff, former geologist and boat, water-skiier. Misses his old life a lot. We are concerned about GA for this rotator cuff surgery so if you know of better Alternatives, would appreciate it. Be strong. You are doing so well! God bless you and your wife. Jane, Houston, TX