Sunday, November 24, 2019

Linda's Testing Results!

Well, that was quick!  We received an email from our Neurologist Friday night telling us her results were totally normal!  No sign of plaques or tangles.  No brain degradation.  No Alzheimer's!  Outstanding.

So, now;  what is her problem.  I went to the Internet and looked up the side effects of some of the drugs she takes.  BOOM!!!! There it was.  Zoloft, is not supposed to be prescribed for people over 65!!  It causes dementia like issues including memory issues, sight issues, and instability walking. The warning says when people over 65 take Zoloft, they are at aa higher risk of falling and breaking a hip, leg, or arm!

She has stopped taking Zoloft and we were supposed to see our GP tomorrow for a scheduled appointment.  Today, they called us and said she had an unplanned issue and they canceled our appointment.  Since the GP prescribed Zoloft, we were anxious to see her.   But, she is not the most informed, up to date, well researched, doctor I have ever seen, so who cares,  My Wife is off Zoloft.  And we will see if her dementia like issues go away.

Of course, the neurologist we see knew she was on Zoloft too!  You would think she might have tried getting her off that med before we had the PET scan that we may have to pay for out of pocket.

I have said this before;  Medical care in Pensacola is poor at best!  Do not move to the Panhandle of Florida if you want to see a doctor that cares about you or knows anything discovered past 1920!!

Maybe it is time to move.

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