Thursday, January 3, 2019

On another point....

When I was having more severe anger issues, before Neudexta, I would spend my nights building in my mind, my concrete house on 10 acres with all sorts of defensive emplacements.  I would fight battles with those who would want to invade my compound.  And I would defeat the aggressors before I could go to sleep.  I have always wanted, longed, dreamed, planned to live a survivalist life.  Of course, it never happened.  But, before Neudexta, and it's calming effect on me, I still tried to cling to that fantasy.  Now I realize that dream is lost.   It is difficult to recognize a dream is lost.  But it is comforting to understand that I now recognize my limitations, caused by LBD.  Reality is harsh, but necessary.

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  1. Yep, you are probably correct, but dreams can sometimes be much more pleasant than reality. Good luck to me, good luck to you.