Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A NEW Drug for an OLD problem

My Neurologist has tried for a while to get me to try Nudexta for my agitation and anger issues.  I have resisted her numerous attempts.  So, this visit, she took a different approach.  She told me to check on line for the research on Nudexta helping Lewy Body Dementia patients with anger and agitation.  That peaked my interest since these studies were never mentioned to me before and I was not interested in taking a drug to help with a disease. Did not have.  I did the research and I was surprised to find Nudexta did help in most cases, with LBD anger and agitation issues.  So, I agreed to try it.

Today is my first day on the drug.  You start out a half doses for a week and then go to the full dose, as we do with so many of the drugs we take.  So far, no side effects!!  And, I seem to be less angry and agitated.  Now, that may be the placebo effect so I am reserving judgment until I have been on it a month or so.  But right now, I feel very good, and I have not said that in a long time.

So, we will wait and see.  I will keep you informed.

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  1. Don, hope it works for you. My LBD doctor recommended this drug for my same issues, but because of several things specific to my situation, my cardiologist vetoed the drug. She explained her reasons, and I found them persuasive, plus I also agreed with her because of my own research prior to seeing her. But my LBD doctor said that many of his patients had excellent results on anger, agitation, and other similar problems. He also said I would know within a week whether the drug would work for me, but of course I am not taking it. Good luck with it, as I decided that the benefit did not outweigh the risk of sudden death from two other different problems. Happy New Year, at least as happy as we can figure out to be in the context of LBD. Bill.