Saturday, November 24, 2018

My Doctor says I’m depressed!

My GP did one of those leading question quizzes and deduced that I am severely depressed!  No Shit!!  My Wife wants to know why?  Well, let’s see;  I went from a self-sufficient, self-assured, confident, WARRIOR, who lead men into battle, to a person who can’t even get a haircut without an escort!!

The few things I want to do, I never get to do.  And trust me, there are few things I want to do anymore.   I get angry over trivial things, continually feel like kicking the shit out of most people I see, and I have no one who respects me or understands what I did for 40 years to talk too!

Yes I am depressed and I can only see it getting worse.  The GP wants me to go to a Psychiatrist.  For what?  That Scab Lifter will only want me to take more pills!  NO!!  Not going to happen.

I try very hard to be as calm as I can.  If I am out of control and I know it, I go to “The Cabin” and hide.  That is as good as it can be.

The holidays always are hard for me and this year may present even more challenges.  My Wife dose her very best to mitigate stressors for me but some things are out of her control.

Friday, November 16, 2018

More progress of my LBD and an update on my Wife

First my Wife.  Her blood work did mot show any abnormalities that would bring on dementia symptoms.  And Her MRI looks fairly normal although some age related small strokes were noted.  So, we wait for the Cognitive Skills testing in February.  She is still having math difficulties along with some instability issues and vision changes.  All things that can be related to the "Silent Strokes" found in her MRI.  But, we have no share diagnosis now.  So, we wait.

In my case, I am definitely getting worse.   I have far more issues with my emotions and anger.   I also have problems finding the dog, Zeus, at night in my Cabin.  Remember, he does not stay nights with me!  But, I hear his whine and wonder where he is.   I feel more confused and disoriented.  Speech is becoming more labored for me.

On the good side, my Wife decided about 4 months ago to loose weight.  She has cut her caloric intake significantly and has US walking 3-5 miles a day, seven days a week.  She has lost almost 40 pounds and I have lost NONE!  Of course, I do not watch my caloric intake.

Life with any type of Dementia is challenging and requires flexibility, determination, and a sense of humor!!