Friday, October 12, 2018

Billing issues. Part Two

Well, we had our discussion with the account executive at ACTS Corporate yesterday.  It was very pleasant, and very productive.  I must state for the record that Robert is a professional that has the residents well being foremost in his mind and business practices.  Even though ACTS is not computerized and does everything through the US Mail, he actually uses the computer and we have all but solved the issues that the account person here at Azalea Trace fumbled with for now seven months.  I believe by November, Robert will have not only our account rectified but a process in place to deal with other that have Ling Term Care Insurance!!

While this has extremely upset my wife and me, I believe positive things will come from the experience.  I actually slept last night and so did my wife.

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  1. Don, that is extremely good news. I have to let my wife take of financial things when it comes to talking with someone about a problem, because I can't seem to talk intelligently when I am agitated or confused. Anyway, I am sure you and your wife are relieved.