Sunday, October 21, 2018

Another curve!

My Wife has a very strong family tie to Alzheimer's and was exposed, second hand, to the same chemicals that caused my Lewy Body Dementia.   Recently she has exhibited many symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and she is now waiting for an appointment with the Neurologist I see here in Pensacola.   This is a time I remember very well!  The period of time when you first KNOW you have some sort of Cognitive issues but still do not have a diagnosis.  You are very tense and hyper attentive to everything different that you experience.   You are worried and apprehensive as to what you have, if anything!

I can only be supportive at this time.  My knowledge about different dementias is worthless.  All that matters to my Wife, the patient, is what the Neurologist tells her, as it should be.

So, we wait and pray.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Billing issues. Part Two

Well, we had our discussion with the account executive at ACTS Corporate yesterday.  It was very pleasant, and very productive.  I must state for the record that Robert is a professional that has the residents well being foremost in his mind and business practices.  Even though ACTS is not computerized and does everything through the US Mail, he actually uses the computer and we have all but solved the issues that the account person here at Azalea Trace fumbled with for now seven months.  I believe by November, Robert will have not only our account rectified but a process in place to deal with other that have Ling Term Care Insurance!!

While this has extremely upset my wife and me, I believe positive things will come from the experience.  I actually slept last night and so did my wife.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Billing issues

As most of you know, we live at Azalea Trace, an ACTS Retirement Community in Pensacola Florida.  It is a nice community that is operated like an 1950 community.  There is nothing computerized at Azalea or in all of the ACTS organization.  Let me repeat that.  NOTHING IS COMPUTERIZED!!!

Since I moved into Assisted Living our billing has been a total mess.  Every month, for SIX MONTHS, I have walked into the Administrative Offices and asked about our billing issues.  Each time, I was told to wait, they were working on it.  Each month we paid my Assisted Living fee in full.  WE were not billed for my Wife's independent living apartment. for six of those months.

Last month, we received a bill for $21000!  Our records show we owed around $12000.  We had a discussion  with the ACTS Corporate Financial Office and they had no records of any of the payments we have made!

Let me interject that we came into Azalea Trace on a contract that permits us to use our Long Term Care Insurance to pay the first three years of Assisted Living or Skilled Care.  Then, we revert to only paying the second person fee, which is $1250 a month right now.  However, even though ACTS Retirement offers this formal, legal, contract, they have NO WAY TO ADMINISTER IT!!!

So, the hassle, frustration, anger, and confusion of the last six or seven months have completely ruined our experience here at Azalea Trace!  

We have another scheduled telephone conference with ACTS Corporate tomorrow.   If that conference does not solve this issue, completely... Well, we may have to look at legal options.

All of this frustration has caused issues between my Wife and I as if she needed any other problems with me to deal with.

This will end tomorrow!