Saturday, September 8, 2018

I can still drive a car! Sure I can...

This afternoon I took Zeus, the Wonder Dog, out for a walk.  I was enjoying the scenery as we crossed the road around Azalea Trace headed for the dog park.  We were in no particular hurry.  And the, for no reason at all, I looked to my left and there was a Ford Pick Up truck patiently waiting for us to cross the road.  I never saw that vehicle!!  The driver was polite and curious.  Never bearing the horn, just watching a man and his dog, that was oblivious to his surroundings!!

Many times I think;  I am going to get my driver’s license back!!  Sure I am, I can’t even walk safely!!  Oh well, lesson learned.

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  1. I haven't driven my car much at all. The only place I would drive to is a CVS that is about a half mile from my CCRC, and I reach it by following a back road through an area without anything other than trees and bushes. And I haven't even driven to CVS in a long time. So two weeks ago I gave the car to my 36 year old son. Since being diagnosed several years ago, I quickly reduced my driving because of poor attention, poor vision, hallucinations, various nerve related jerking motions from I guess the Parkinsonisms. Don, as time passes, I think we will be encountering many more things that we will no longer be able to do, to go with all the things we now are unable to do. My hands have started shaking a lot, not the subtle tremor, but shaking that causes spill when I pick up a glass of juice or whatever. A real bummer is trying to unlock my door with key. I just can't get that sucker into the key hole.