Friday, July 20, 2018

It is NOT a good idea to take me out in public!

A couple of days ago, we went to Walmart.  No big deal, RIGHT?  WRONG!  It was raining and we were walking into the side door of Walmart.  There were two Walmart employees standing on either side of this single door, on their cell phones, SMOKING, right next to the sign that had written on it in TWO INCH LETTERS, “No Smoking Within 25 feet of this sign”!!   I exploded!!  My wife did not see this nuclear explosion coming and I flame sprayed these two ignorant, self  serving morons!!

She quickly moved me into the store and gave me a basket to push.  She then asked me what that was  all about.  I explained they were smoking next to the door, where it was clearly posted as No Smoking!  She told me they were not smoking.  I argued that they were!!  I saw smoke!  She asked me; “Did you smell any smoke?”  I had to reply no....  Maybe I had another hallucination.

I had an acquaintance in a near by city that has LBD also.  I asked him once; “Do you have hallucinations?”  He replied; “My wife says I do!”  I guess that applies to me also.

It is becoming more a more apparent that the Neurologist is right,  It is not a good idea to take me out in public.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Latest Neurologist visit

This week was crazy!   First, my Wife was summoned for Jury Duty.  Since we had doctor's appointments this week, this threw everything in a turmoil!  She was slated for a three week trial!  They chose 50 potential jurors for the jury of eight.  The second day, the questioning began and lasted from 8AM to 6 PM.  She was not selected, but I was very agitated because my Wife was gone and my routine was shattered.   Wednesday, my Wife had a doctor appointment and Thursday I saw my Neurologist.  So, we have been on the RUN all week!  My routine is just now getting back to normal.

Routines are so important to my stability.  We discussed this with the Neurologist and she agreed.  She actually told us we should avoid taking me away from the Azalea Trace area unless it was for a short time and well planned.  We both agreed.

She also discussed my recent issues and we all agreed I was still managing them fairly well.

Did I mention my Neurologist is VERY pregnant!!  By the next visit, the will be a new Mom!!  Her first.

We get a new bed for my Wife's apartment tomorrow, so it will be another disrupted day.  I will cope.  I always do.  But, most won't know just how hard these disrupted day are on me and for me!  Sometime, I think they really don't care.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!!

It has been a while since I posted.  Anger, aggression, depression, and anxiety, have been my constant companions and I have had to find new ways to deal with these issues.  They are not show stoppers but learning experiences for those of us with LBD.  Instead of being negative about these issues, I am finding positive ways t deal with them.  I have done a considerable amount of Internet research from reputable sources like the National Institute or Health, LBDA.Org, Alz.Ord, and other sources like Mayo and some of the other Countries Dementia sources.  All of these organizations express the same ideas about dealing with these issues and I have adopted many of them with recent success.  Yes, I am feeling better!

What did I change?  First of all, I am staying away from loud noises, crowds, angry people, and unfamiliar settings.  I spend more time in "The Cabin".  Some of this tie is along, some is with Zeus, and some with my Wife.  She and I eat meals in the Assisted Living dinning room that is much quieter and smaller.  Sometimes we eat in Her apartment.  When we go out to shop, it is short, one stop events during the more quiet times for shopping.  I am also sticking close to my normal routine.  Routines are my friend and I am most comfortable when I am in my routine.  I limit conversations to people I know, like, and consider non-threatening!  That means people that don't call me a "Liar" when I say I have LBD!

Even Zeus is being more quiet and reserved.  Yesterday, he took a nap with me in "The Cabin".  He has never settled down when both of us were not in "The Cabin".  But yesterday he wanted to take a nap.  Another interesting Zeus issue.  He has LEAD me to "The Cabin" at least three times and wanted to go in to my room.   He know that is my quiet place and when we walk, he seems to sense I need quiet and away he goes!!

Those of us with LBD and other Dementia's can be independent.  Yes, we no longer drive, run the budget, or do many of the things we once did,  But we can control our environment to help us cope with LBD issues and that is TRUE Independence!