Monday, May 7, 2018

A GREAT story about Robin Williams' battle with LBD

How Robin Williams was being Torn Apart

Click on the link above to read the recent story about Robin Williams fight with LBD.   The more his battle is publicized, the more people will begin to understand our battles.  Please read this and pass it on tho others.


  1. The story says it all. Thank you bringing it to everyone’s attention. I had the privilege of having breakfast with his wife Susan. We compared notes and I was very impressed with her. She is very kind and committed to helping raise the awareness of LBD.She understands what all of us face everyday and she will never give up working for a cure.

  2. Yes a cure would be nice, but not a lot for us who have it now, but what also would help would be for the general public to know about LBD and understand what it does to us. Yes, that would be nice.

  3. Agree so many people have no idea what lbd is or what happens to us everyday