Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Touch" Hallucinations

I have had all sorts of hallucinations since I was first diagnosed.  Sight, touch, sound, and smell Hallucinations have been my constant companions.  Yes, they increase and subside in intensity and frequency.  But they have never gone away.  Sometimes I have one one type or maybe two types occurring and then they subside and others take their place.  Recently, touch hallucinations have taken the forefront.  For the last week, I have been woke up numerous times by the feeling of something or someone walking on my pillow!  Since Zeus the Wonder Dog does not spend nights with me in the Cabin, it can't be him, but he is what I reach out for when I feel my pillow depressing next to my head.

It is somewhat unnerving to say the least.  To be startled out of a sound sleep by the feeling of your pillow being depressed as if someone or something is walking on it!!  

In the past, hallucinations have seldom frightened me or put me on edge.  These have.  Must be a new phase of LBD development.  Joy!


  1. My name is Grahame and I have been following your blog for the last two years or so. I live in the the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia. I have been trying to get a diagnosis for what is happening to my brain and there are all types of suggestions. However, I have an appointment with a specialist at a large teaching hospital in Sydney who is a Neuropsychiatrist and I’m hoping he can sort through the symptoms and scans and give a diagnosis. So far we have Frontotemporal Dementia / LBD / Alzheimer’s. However, it is what it is. After 4 years of not knowing, I would love to have a name to what it is happening. Thanks for your honesty, encouragement and insights. Your last post made me realise that there is someone out there (the other side of the world) who gets me.

  2. I can only imagine how you feel. I pray you will be at peace during those experiences.