Saturday, March 10, 2018

The meeting with the Long Term Care Insurance Nurse

We have filed out claim with out Long Term Care Insurance.  We have paid on that policy for over 16 my years and not it is time for my policy to take care of me as advertised.  They require doctor’s reports and a visit from their RN to see if me and the Doctor’s are lieing!  I guess that makes sense.  There are people that scam the system.

The RN set up the meeting for yesterday afternoon.  She was polite, professional, and at least familiar with LBD.  But, she agitated me!  SHe had a series of stupid, meaningless, annoying things to test me including the Mini-Mental test.  Trust me, that test was made by some mini-mental moron!!  I had to go to the bathroom and while I was away, my Wife told the nurse she was agitating me!  It didn’t help.  After the two and a half hour interrogation, my wife walked her out.  During that time she asked my wife if I was a danger to others!!  Good thing she did not ask me!  My reply would have been: Only people that agitate me.

Now, we wait until she submits her report and the Long Term Care company makes their decision.  This has been a difficult, frustrating, agitating, process and if it ever ends, I will be glad.  


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  2. Oh, I remember that interview when it came time for my dad to finally use the LTC benefits he had paid for for so long! I think our interview with the nurse lasted 4 hours and our experience was much like yours...while I guess I understood why all of those questions had to be asked it took way too long, and was annoying and agitating for us, especially my dad...and his decline was not due to LBD or any kind of dementia. It sounds like you did as well as can be expected given the circumstances. Best wishes, and keep writing (note: I deleted my first comment due to typing errors).

  3. Good luck. If your medical records are in order from a reputable neuro, I think they would be dumb to deny your claim. There is such a thing as bad faith refusal to acknowledge coverage.

  4. My mother has some type of dementia so I started reading your blog to 'arm' myself with knowledge while we complete testing. Thank you for sharing your life. In our culture (South African) we say sorry when things don't go right, even if it's not our fault ... So..Sorry she agitated you. I hope it didn't make the evening harder than it normally would be.