Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The MOVE is near!

It appears my move to Assisted Living is very near.  They have done some touch up paint in the room.  I thought it would be totally repainted, but no...  So, they have to clean the room bathroom and then it will me mine.  I did ask for a new toilet seat!!  So, I will most likely be moving this weekend!  I have to contact the bedding store to get the bed delivered and the wood refinisher to get the headboard delivered.  The rest is on me.  I will be busy.

I am excited and frightened about this move.  It is a move into the unknown and probably the last place I will ever live.  That fact is unnerving.  I will let you know how this goes and how I deal with the emotions I am facing.

As an addendum; We had a community meeting today to discuss the numerous construction and improvement plans for Azalea Trace.   The plans include an expansion of Assisted Living and Skilled Care.  Assisted Living will include a Memory Support Facility!!  Skilled Care will be converted to private rooms!  Both of these capitol improvements will make our lives much better.  However, many residents can't see the benefit because they think only of themselves.  That attitude during the meeting agitated me greatly and my Wife had to calm me down a couple of times.  I almost got up and left, just for my own well being.

These agitation and anger issues clearly let me know my move to Assisted Living is the right thing.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Truthfully, this is not easy!

The frustration, agitation, anger, despair, loneliness, and depression that LBD bring on is overwhelming.  Things that agitate me overwhelm my senses and I attack them because I believe they need fixed.  I have always had this sense of duty.  But, it seems to be hypersensitive now and I am unable to sort out my emotions from the facts sometimes.  I am not saying I was wrong about last nigh because I was not!!!   But, it does illustrate why I need to be in a more controlled environment.  But, my safety and emotional stability are being subverted by the lack of a painter.  Oh, there goes my frustration issues again.

Last Night...

Last night, at 10 PM or so, I took the dog out for his last potty stop.  We passed through the automatic door and out to the grass.  We did our business and then came back in.  But, I did not need to use my key fob to get back in.  No issue, I one how to reset the door.  Some residents stupidly bypass the security system!  Then, I thought, the door at the other end of the hall was propped open earlier so I walked down to check it.  It was still propped open permitting any poisonous snake, armadillo, bear, coyote, for, rapist, robber, or terrorist access to a supposedly secure building.  I tried to close that door but could not.  Then I saw the two "Barney Fife" security  guards and my social filters melted down!

I gave those two morons a Navy Master Chief ass chewing they will never forget!  It did no good of course.  They have to realize there is a problem before being corrected has an impact!  And trust me, the security people here at Azalea Trace would not know a security violation if it bit them in the ass!!

This recent anger outburst would not have happened if I was living in Assisted Living, but that is not going to happen anytime soon because the ONLY PAINTER is out sick!!   As we kidding me?!!  We paid $200,000 up front to move in, and $3200 a month and they have one painter?!  I am beginning to question my decision to live here.

But, I am also beginning to question why I am alone in my concerns about how this place operates.  That then makes me even more agitated and angry, causing me more problems, and making my LBD issues even worse!!!

No one cares.  No one helps.  Why should I.

I have added the emails I sent last night and this morning.  At the time of this posting, I have NOT received a reply!

The door by the pool, has been OPEN ALL DAY!!  I went out to walk the dog at 1015 and the door for the Mid Rise lobby was set to let people in without a fob!!  I then checked the door by the pool and it was OPEN STILL!!  Any creature, snake, bug, robber, terrorist, can just walk in!!!  There are mosquitos in the "C" wing on the walls and the hall is warm and humid!!

Two security guards told me the computer was at fault and the people worked today on it and would return tomorrow.  That is simply unsatisfactory!!

The idea that Acts advertises stating we have a secure building is a fantasy and this proves it.  I am extremely upset over this lack of concern for the safety of the residents!

Don Dolence

Donald Dolence

7:38 AM (1 hour ago)
Another point;  WHY is there a television in the room security sits in?  I have seem them in there sleeping, watching the Super Bowl, World Series and other programs when they are supposed to be on watch.  If hey need to sit down,let them sit at the front desk.  I have also witnessed them on the computer in the library and asleep in a chair in the library.  These occurrences are t night and on weekends, mostly.

Also, last night, the guards were completely NOT aware that the door by the pool was OPEN!!  So, they either do not do rounds or do them with their eyes closed!

This is really an issue for me.  Security is a 24/7/365 responsibility.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I can't understand!!

It has been almost 5 weeks since we made the decision to move me to Assisted Living.  That was the day we notified management here at Azalea Trace that I needed t make the move.  My room is still not ready.  Yes, the floor, we paid for is done.  But the room is not painted and obviously is not cleaned.  The room is 177 square feet.  I could have painted it with a tooth brush by now!!!  When I said I NEEDED to move to AL, I meant; I REALLY NEEDED TO MOVE TO ASSISTED LIVING!!!!

The waiting is agitating me!!  Even my wife is ready for the move.  Five weeks, is ridicules.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Flu!

Last Wednesday, I knew I was getting sick.  What it was, I was not sure.  Thursday, my Wife took both of us to the Urgent Care next to us.  The Nurse Practicioner could not find much wrong with me but she was going to do the test for the flu.  She then talked with my Wife, realized we lived at Azalea Trace, and gave us both Tamiflu.   We began taking Tamiflu immediately.  I did not even have  a fever.  That cam on later in the afternoon on Thursday, with a vengeance!  I normally run a body temp of 97 or so.  I had a fever of 102 that lasted two days.  It started to go down Saturday morning and was 97 this morning.  I also used my asthma inhaler and Mucenix D to fight the congestion and bronchial distress.  I now feel normal!!  Tamiflu works.

My Wife has not experienced any flu like symptoms after taking he course of Tamiflu.  So it it also a great preventative medicine.

We stayed in our apartment and if we were out, wore a mask to keep from infecting anyone we might come in contact with.

As far as my move goes;  The floor is done and looks great!!  We chose and paid extra for vinyl planking.  It is easy to clean, wears well, and looks like wood!  The still need to paint and clean.  When that is done is anyone’s guess.  I will keep yo informed.

Thanks for you prayers.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I am TIRED of being brave and tough!

This has been a long journey for Linda and me.  We have both been very tough throughout this journey.  But the recent increase in issues is becoming overwhelming for me.  Couple that with the stress of the move to Assisted Living and I am overwhelmed.  The expense of the move, t he fact that I do not feel good at all, and the impact of the cognitive and physical issues that have exploded over the last few months and I am spent.

Will I do better in AL?  I hope so, but I am not sure.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Neurologist visit

I had a three month check up with my Neurologist Office today.   Normally, it is 6 months, but there have been so many changes in my condition that she wanted to see me sooner.  Good visit.  She is very caring and attentive to my condition and needs.  She made two important medical statements today;

First was related to me driving.  I stated during a discussion that I still had my driver’s license.  She said;  “Only as a souvenir!”  She said I could Fran it if I wanted.  Believe it or not, that cracked me up.

Second;  She penned a document stating that I am medically required to live in Assisted Living due to the effects of  Lewy Body Dementia.  That was the first time it was officially stated, in legal terms and in writing that I must be in AL.  That is chilling to me.  Yes, I know that is where I need to be.  But to have a medical professional proclaim it, was sobering.

The refreshing of my room should begin tomorrow.  We will see.  More later.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Assisted Living Move Updates

To say this is stressful would be an great understatement.  The financial and logistic stressors have me questioning the move, my sanity, and my future.  Things we not as they were portrayed when we moved to this CCRC.  Or, at least, they are not as I perceived they were portrayed.  Then, there is the "wait" for the room to be readied.  That seems to be inordinately complicated for a 200 square foot room refresh.  Then there is the purchase of needed furniture for my room.  For instance, I never thought I would have to go to 7 furniture stores to purchase a chest of drawers that met my needs!!

All of this has been very stressful for me and has left me is a constant state of agitation.  I am sure my wife is looking forward to moving me to AL, just to get a break!!  And she deserves one.

What next?  Dealing with the Long Term Insurance forms, questions, and hopefully the approval.   This is far more stressful that it needs to be and mush more difficult than I am able to handle.