Thursday, January 11, 2018

What is REAL and what is NOT?

I have been having thoughts and dreams that start out as random and then become real, and then I become obsessed with them and have to flesh them out!!  Some times, I am able to determine the issue I am tracking down is no more than a thought or a dream that I had and it is not real.  But, that realization is coming much slower now.  I have had this issue for a while but it is becoming more intense and more real to me.  I know I am sliding down the path of LBD, faster and faster.  But things like this are beginning to frighten me.  There are a number of "What If" issues that bother me about these thoughts and dreams that become "real" to me.


  1. Odd, since getting this disease, and until recently, I have had few dreams that I have any real memory of. Over the past several months, I've had an occasional dream that is super real life, sometime people I recognize but I can't recall their names. It always involves some type of threat, attack, or pressure on me by the people in the dream. Could be a business type dream, or an outdoor type dream, but never a social or family type dream. I mean these things are vivid and real, and I seem to have trouble getting them straight in my mind, and try to get a clear understanding of them while I am asleep, and I know I am asleep and dreaming, but I need to know get the meaning of the dream into my consciousness, but can't. When I wake up, I can recall having had a vivid type dream and some of the general subject, but can't recall faces, names or anything, then within a few minutes the entire dream is gone from my mind. Even though I still have the lingering feeling and belief that I had some type of important dream that I can't recall. This is just a guess, but I probably have this type of dream maybe once or twice a week. That is all. I try to just forget it because it really bothers me to think about something I can't recall, but also can recall at a certain level. Go figure.

  2. Oh, and I can't recall having ever had this type of dream before in my life until within the past several months.