Thursday, December 28, 2017

Who gets Lewy Body Dementia

I have written this Blog for quite a while and had many replies from you who read my mental wanderings.  I have also read a number of articles on LBDA.Org and some other sources and my unscientific research alone with my own experiences with LBD draw a fairly interesting picture of "Who Gets LBD".

1.  Almost every person who writes about their LBD experience was well educated, intelligent, and accomplished.

2.  Almost every person I have been able to read about was in a very high pressure career and was very successful.

3.  Every person I have learned about had a "Type A" personality.

An other interesting indicator I see is that in all of the cases I can site, the individual impacted by LBD had early, then unexplained, symptoms that were completely out of character for them.  Many of these symptoms occurs 8-10 years before the individual was diagnosed with any neurological issues!!

I am sure the researchers already know al of this.  But, I just put to together and I thought you might find it interesting.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The move to Assisted Living

Strange as this will seem, I cannot settle on a decision to move to Assisted Living!  I know I have written before about my desires to move to AL, but the act of actually making a decision is more than I can do.  Actually, any decision is very difficult for me.  Normally, I don't have to make any decisions.  I don't run the budget, purchases, driving, home maintenance, meal preps, nothing!!  Then there is the execution of the decision.  That may be the hardest, most difficult part of the process.  for instance, I want something that I find on the Internet.  I save it, decide I want it, and then vacillate on buying it, not even telling my Wife I am interested in the item.  The, I don't make the purchase and feel deprived because I didn't!  Does not should logical or even psychologically sound for a 66 yea role person.  But that is how my brain works thanks to LBD.  Before, I made life and death decisions in Navy Gun Mounts while firing life ammunition in Combat!!  I would not want to try that today.

So, my wife is going to just have to make this decision.  The Doctor has already said she thought it was time.  We will see.

Saturday, December 23, 2017


This is a continuation of my last post.   I am completely miserable.  I cannot watch anything on television that does not agitate me at night.  Even Curling makes me angry.  Not the sport but the morons announcing the game!   I hate everything about my life and I do not want to do anything.  If I try to go to sleep, I have to deal with deep, dark, thoughts until until I fall to sleep.   I am very snippy with my wife no matter what she says or does.  That is not normal for me at all.  And it is not good for my wife.

I feel completely alone and abandoned in my life.  I have no none to talk to here at Azalea Trace because I have nothing in common with anyone here.  Combine that with the snooty attitude of many of the “Landed Gentry” elites here and I am treated like chattel.

I guess I need a visit with my Psychologist.  That will have to wait until January.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The overwhelming issues of Christmas!

Christmas has NEVER been a happy time for me.  I have very few happy memories of Christmas and man, many sad, angry memories of this time of the year.  Yes, the celebration of the birth of our Savior is supposed to be joyous.  But humanity, and families have made Christmas terrible.  And LBD has made Christmas even more difficult for me.

I can offer others hints about dealing with this time of the year.  But, I just cannot live with this time of the year myself.   And since my LBD issues have multiplied recently, I am really having issues this Christmas.

Then add the issues of living where I live with a bunch of uppity snobs that think everyone should wait on them hand and foot, that treat me and my wife as interlopers that do not belong here, and I am beside myself.

Today, I had another altercation with one of the more difficult residents.  Not that I did anything, other than support our wonderful Director.  But this person is one of the most negative, unhappy, self-centered, people I have ever met!  This individual actually assaulted my wife today for supporting our Director.  Now, remember, assault is verbal, battery is physical!!   But we, and especially me, do not need this type of treatment.   It is not the first time this person has been rude, crude, and verbally abusive to us.  And frankly, I am sick of it.  Another person here, who thinks their solid waste does not stink, rascally asked me how people like us could afford living here!   And there people have the Christmas spirit?!

Look, I would move out if I could.  But, that is not the answer.  But, these are the same individuals that tell me there is nothing wrong with me!    I am an unhappy person.  And this time of the year it is multiplied by the past.    Since we moved here, I have done my best to serve the community.   Now, I think it is time to take care of us.  I am withdrawing from any volunteer work her at Azalea Trace.  I am done!!  Period!!  And, we will never ride on the Azalea Trace bus when that individual is on the bus.  It is just that easy.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends!  Linda and I pray you have a blessed, joyous, family filled Christmas Season!!

Christmas has always been an emotionally difficult season for me.  Long before LBD, I suffered with depression issues during Christmas because of the situation of my birth and upbringing.  But, since I turned my life over to Jesus Christ, Christmas has been easier.  Not easy, but easier on me.  We concentrate on the Birth of the Messiah and not the commercial side of Christmas.  But, LBD has made Christmas more difficult in recent years and this year is going to be even more difficult for me and therefore my Wife!

All of us with LBD have depression and anxiety issues.  But, the social gatherings, noise, activity, and pressure to be happy and joyous make those problems exponentially worse for us.  The question we need to answer is;  How do we deal with our depression, anxiety, and anger, during the many mandatory social events of the Christmas season?

I have read about this topic and have come up with some suggestions.

First; concentrate on the good memories!  We all have Holiday horror stories.  Try to put them in the background and concentrate on the good events you remember from your youth, your early marriage, your children's younger years.

Second; Don't do too much!  Everything in moderation.  We have a tendency to try to do what we used to do when we were 20!!  Trust me, you can't!  Spouses, don't schedule so many events, visits, meals.  And, don't have the entire family over to the house for the entire day!  This will drive your Dementia patient into depression, anxiety, and anger overload!!

Third;  Watch your Dementia spouse closely through the event.  If they become agitated, overwhelmed, tired, or introspective, spend some one on one time with them.  Have a favorite friend of relative get them off in a comfortable cove and quietly discuss how they are doing.  Or, let the Dementia patient take a nap!

Fourth;  Don't schedule events everyday!!  Your LBD patient need time to decompress and rest.

I bring these suggestions to you based on my experiences and what I have read from other professional sites.  I am sure you have other suggestions that I have missed.  The key is, keep the well being of your LBD spouse in mind throughout the Christmas season.  Take time to be alone with him or her.  Concentrate on the good times!  And enjoy each other.  Every day is precious to us.