Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Overload Monday

We were busy yesterday.  Too busy!  We each had a doctors appointment with our GP, both at the same place.  They were slow as usual and I got agitated!  The, since we were in the town over from Pensacola, we did some shopping we needed to do and ate lunch.  We came home and an hour later had a scheduled Vet appointment for Zeus, the Winder Dog!  All three medical appointments went as expected.  Then, I had to do my usual Monday laundry in the evening to be ready for Tuesday.

Tuesday will not be much better since my Wife has an appointment for a medical test after her BSF Leaders meeting.  I am preaching at the Skilled Nursing Facility for the Staff Chaplain at 10 AM, so Tuesday will be busy too!

Busy days are difficult for me.  I get agitated and angry over any little thing.  Even riding in the care causes me issues!  Maybe because the illiterate morons that live here can't drive!!

A topic of my GP appointment, among many, was my left shoulder.  The rotator cuff is torn and needs repair.  We have known that for a long time.  But the pain is getting worse and I am loosing mobility in my left arm.  I even have difficulties drying myself after a shower.  BUT, haven surgery under a General Anesthesia is not a good idea for LBD patients.  

LBDA has two new articles on this tops that I found very good and very concerning.  The medical evidence is that General Anesthesia accelerates and advances the impact of Dementia in LBD patients.  My GP know this and told me I have to make a quality of life decision.  In other words, is the pain and immobility more of an issue than the possible loss of cognitive ability!  

I have not come to terms with that yet.  My Wife is against the surgery but she does not want me in pain either.  I will Pray about this and seek God's will.

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