Tuesday, August 22, 2017

You Don't Have Dementia!!!

I have been told so many times that I do not have Lewy Body Dementia that it has become "Fighting Words" for me!   Today I went to a Navy Cryptology Museum here in Pensacola with another resident from where I live.  He asked me to go because he needed my Military ID care for access to the base!  He was honest about that.  He drove, sort of   Honest, if he can drive a car on the road, I can drive a car in a NASCAR race!!

During the ride home, he told me I did not have Dementia!   How would he know, he was a Cryptologist!?  But, he is old and I let it pass.  But, his comment made me do some research on Dementia.  One of the symptoms of Dementia patients, according to the Alzheimer's Association, is that the person with Dementia, lives in the past they are comfortable with.  In other words, that comfortable past is what they talk about and think about most of the time.    I had just spent two hours talking about my Navy experiences!!  Before that, I spent 90 minutes on the telephone with my BEST Friend, another retired Navy Chief Gunner's Mate,  talking about our Navy experience, old Shipmates, and Gun Mounts!!  Get the picture?  Not to mention that every exciting event in my life, happened in or was related to the Navy.  So naturally, I talk about them anytime I get a chance!

My dreams, what I think about before I go to sleep, what I think about when I am awake, is Navy!!  I am completely unattached to today's world, with the exception to what is occurring to our Navy ships. But, I apply my past knowledge to their plight!

I have most of the other symptoms, but this one is something anyone who knows anything about Dementia should recognize!  Especially someone who spent two hours alone with me!

As Jackie Gleason often said;  "One of these days, POW, right in the kisser!"

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