Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What will we do if the MRA show problems?

One of our readers, Ms. D, asked me what I would do if the MRA show an issues in my brain.  The honest answer to her question is; "I don't know."   It all depends on what is wrong and what the odds of of a successful repair.  Of course, there is the issue of General Anesthesia as it impacts LBD patients.   To refresh your minds, it is recommended that LBD patients refrain from surgeries that require General Anesthesia because in more than 60% of the cases, it accelerates the Dementia.  In more common terms, I was told I would not wake up in the same time zone! 

So, the answer to Ms. D's question is;  "We will wait and see."  I have given this much thought since the issues first started.   When I am alone, in bed, I have ran through all of the possibilities.  But, there are still too many unknowns for me to make a definitive decision.

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