Thursday, August 31, 2017

A much anticipated visit!

My Sister, from Cleveland, came for a short visit this week thanks to Her son and Daughter's generous gift of a flight to Pensacola!  It was  Wonderful to see her.  We went to Cleveland last year but she was in the Hospital the entire time.  Since then, she has miraculously recovered!  She looks 20 years younger and much healthier.   We had a great visit, including a big dinner with our Son and His family.  What a great night.

She departed very early this morning and I took a nap when we returned to our apartment.  I am completely exhausted!   Since I am so dependent on my routine, as most Dementia patients are, any disruption is difficult.  Also, you may understand the concept of "Show Time" in LBD patients.  Well, I stayed in "Showtime" for four days!   That wore me out.

Still, I am so happy she came to visit and I would rather have her here for another four days regardless of how tired it makes me.

So, I will recover, slowly.  But I will miss her company for a long time.

Another note;  My MRA is final scheduled for 12 September.  We will see what that reveals, if anything.

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