Thursday, July 27, 2017

Noise makes me angry at night

My wife has had a summer project to organize 45 years of family photos!  She has worked very hard on this project and often chooses to work well into the night.  I understand she wants to get this project completed.  But, believe it or not, photo organizing can be very noisy!   And the noise is amplified as the night progresses. 

She is up and down, tearing papers, opening and closing photo albums, in an increasing crescendo as the night progresses.  To accomplish this project, she required the television to be ON!  Not that she is watching it, but she likes the back ground noise.  Well, there are some commercials on the television that are very loud, with people screaming, that annoy me terribly.  With all the photo albums spread all over the couch coffee table, and floor, my wife cannot find the remote to mute the sound when these terribly annoying commercials attack me!  Get the picture?!

I realize, now that it is mid-morning, that it is Me that has the night issues and not her.  But, that does not help me at night.  More and more, I realize I need to be in Assisted Living/Memory Support for my sake and hers.

LBD is picking up steam!


  1. I am so sorry, Silver. I am also extremely sensitive to noise. And as hard as that is to tolerate sometimes, it helps to read your blogs and know that another person is going through some of the same things I am. It lets me know I am not crazy, and gives me the courage to go on. I am so thankful for your frankness in sharing your experiences of this journey so many of us are on.

  2. My father was in a care center for 15 years. There was nothing restful or quiet about it. Lots of dementia clients with sundowners roaming around at night. Lost persons wandering into your room, and others that yell out or continually repeat phrases. The worst was a lady who followed people around touching them with droll cover hands. Thank God for keeping you strong enough and well enough to live in a private place with your loved one. Night eye shades and earplugs might keep you at home. Don't give up until you have too! My husband just forgot how to walk..bless God for every step you take today.