Monday, July 3, 2017

Loneliness, depression, being alone

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!!  A day that we used to grill with friends, tell Sea Stories, drink beer, and have fun.  Boy, do I miss those days!!  I miss my friends in the Norfolk area.  I miss the Navy connection.  I miss my Church friends there.  I miss being in Virginia.

Yes, Azalea Trace has a big indoor, holiday dinner tomorrow.  We will eat with some folks we are acquainted with.  I say it that way because I have never made any friends here in Florida or at this CCRC.  Since we are younger than most, there is no age connection.  And since Linda and I did not grow up rich, with servants, gardeners, and nannies, we have no connection there either.  And, since I am surrounded by Military Officers, mostly Reserves who never did anything, I have no Military connection.   I am alone, lonely, and with no hope of ever having a friend.

I told my Wife that one of my biggest frustrations is things are wrong in my life, and while I can identify them, I cannot do anything to change what is wrong!!   Life is much more difficult that I ever experienced before.   I miss my life!!

Maybe I am just difficult to get along with!!

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