Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I give up!

Today, I decided to go back on an anti-depressant medicine.   The brain-zapping has decreased but nit stopped.  My blood pressure has not even began to go back to where it was before I went off Effexor.  My ear ringing has not decreased, and I am agitated and angry most of the time.   Hopefully, going back on an anti-depressant will help me back to what used to be normal.

As far as my BP, my research has revealed that Effexor does help with Autonomic Dysfunction, so maybe that issue will get better.  I also hope the brain-zapping and ear ringing goes away.  But, I mostly hope my anger and agitation go away.   Being difficult with my Wife is not good and not the way I want to be.

I sent an email to my Neurologist late this afternoon.  I am curious about her reply and drug of choice. I gave her my preferences;  No weight gain, limited sexual dysfunction, some resemblance of emotional release, and as low a dose as can be effective.  We will see.  Soon, I hope.

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  1. Hope it works well for you brother. Keep on trucking.