Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am really becoming a HAND FULL for my Wife!

Since I have been off Effexor, I have become more emotional, angry, agitated, dissatisfied, and vocal!! I yell at drivers,  and recently chastised a young mother who was letting her 18 month old son make every effort to become "Road Kill" in a Target parking lot while she tacked on her cell phone!!  If we had not stilled the traffic, that little boy would have been dead!!

I also, recently, flame sprayed a staff member for telling me I did not need to use my cane!!  I believe she is in for psychological treatment!

The bottom line is, I am angry and no longer bashful about letting others know.  I often lament the fact that I hate Florida, the people in the community we live in, and not being with friends I made over 40+ years connected to the Navy!!  I actually feel sorry for my Wife and apologize often!  She is in a terrible spot!!

This is new for recent times, but not new in my life.  When I was in the Navy, I was not bashful about letting people know I had serious doubts about the purity of their gene pools and their parenting!!  But, I am sure my Wife thought those days were over.  Surprise, they're back!!

I just sent an email to my Neurologist discussing this and my BP/ Body Temperature, Urine control, and other Autonomic Dysfunction issues.  I am anxiously awaiting her response.

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