Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emotional issues, as they unfold

Especially at night, I have emotional issues that are related to LBD and beginning to impact me more and more.  Doing my "Due Diligence" research about the emotional issues related to LBD.  For instance, I have beliefs, not feelings, but actual beliefs that an individual is taking our money.  Depleting our accounts.  Do I feel this way all the time.  no.  But especially in the evening and as I fall asleep, those beliefs take control of my thoughts.  There are other emotional issues that I cannot remember at this point.

Now, I will tell you, this is normal for Dementia patients.  So, I am normal.  It is a normal progression of my LBD and that keeps me from getting frightened by the symptom.  I believe knowledge is power over this disease.  The more we know about what is going to happen, the better prepared we are to face it.   Websites like LBD.ORG and others are great sources have documented symptoms of LBD.  Issues other LBD patients have dealt with.  We need to have those facts at our disposal!

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  1. Silverfox, it seems so meager for me to say you are courageous and selfless, but that's how I feel. I am the caregiver for my husband who was diagnosed two years after several years of trying to figure out what was going on. It seems all LBD patients have stories to tell about their journey to diagnosis. I read your blog and learn, I learn about what I sometimes see in my husband and I learn about what this journey looks like for others. The uncertainty of each day is puzzling; one day my husband is vigorous, and the next is hardly able to get out of his recliner. Some days his memory is pretty good others it is haywire. We are trying to learn to accept each day as it presents itself with the help of your blog, the official LBD information sites and another blog I participate in. I have learned to never, ever argue with Dave, it sends him into a rage that can quickly get out of hand. I have learned to accept his adorable little boy smiles and cherish the days we have. Frustrating? Yes. Irritating? Yes. Can I do or he do anything about this, the progress, the inevitable, the journey? No. Keep posting, keep hoping and keep a tight grip on God's hand, He will lead you through the fearful parts. There are those of us out here praying for your Peace.