Monday, June 19, 2017

Thanks for the advice. NO, I WILL NOT go back on Effexor

I have thought long and hard, or at least as long and hard as LBD will permit, about going back on Effexor.  Yes, I agree, stopping Effexor may have accelerated my LBD issues.   But that is a small price to pay for the misery Effexor caused me.   The side effects of Effexor are insidious.   But, after a long time on the drug, I realize I was an emotional zombie in every way!

No, I would rather live alone in a locked room than go back on Effexor.   And think about it;  I never heard anyone tell a Heroin addict to go back on Heroin!  And when I was a drunk, no one ever told me that I should not stop drinking.  Am I having issues.  Yes.  But some of these issues are being caused by self-centered, egotistical, morons that believe they are the only people with the ability to reason.

No thank you.  I will NEVER take an anti depressant again.   The rest of the world will just have to learn to deal with me.  Or, they can leave me alone.  

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  1. the feeling of emotional flatness is just one of the many common side effects of antidepressants.
    It can change the personality in many disagreeable ways. I really was a different person for the 20 years I was on one antidepressant or another.
    If your withdrawal is brief and not unbearable that's great-
    It took me 4 years of tapering to get off Effexor, and the conditions were just about perfect.
    There's another possible problem though-Effexor (and most antidepressants) are known to cause unbearable delayed withdrawal symptoms. Some do well for even months and then get hit with really bad
    withdrawal. I got offof Effexor the first try at tapering in a 3 month tapper and felt "better than ever" for exactly 2 months-when it suddenly felt like a wall had fallen on me.
    On the other hand some people can get of antidepressants with relatively bearable withdrawal.
    Hope you're one of them. By the way, I was a Radioman in the Navy.