Sunday, May 28, 2017

There is a difference between pity and respect

For those of us who have any form of Dementia, in my case LBD, how others react to us has an impact on the Dementia patients emotional stability!   Trust me, it is true.  

Now, what do I mean.  From diagnosis to death, our cognitive and mental abilities change.   Some individuals progress quickly, but most of us progress in spits and spurts.   The challenge is to understand where the Dementia patient is cognitively and physically, and then fit your response to where the individual is.   I realize this is difficult for you who deal with us.  But, not paying attention to our condition causes us, the Dementia patient, further frustration!!

I have a Grand Daughter in Law that pays particular attention to my progress.  Of course, she is in Nursing School so she has a good insight into my disease.

The bottom line is, you cannot expect me, or any other Dementia patient to do what they used to do, regardless of how good you think they are doing.  We do not function like we used too or how we would like to!   We will try to meet your expectations, probably to our own detriment, until we are so bad we cannot do anything.

There comes a time when the Dementia patient, including me, run up against their disease and finally stop trying to meet the expectations of others and succumb to the ravings of our disease.  When that time comes, and it has, we need your respect, help, and understanding.  These are not pity.  The simply are the way to help us be part of life while dealing with our disease.


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  1. Thank you SF. That's a really great write.