Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quitting Effexor. Progress report

I have been in the process of getting off Effexor.  I have taken Effexor for a long time.  How long, I cannot say.  I was taking 225mg every evening.  But, recently, I decided it was not helping, and since I am on a charge to get rid of any drugs that do not work, out it goes!  However, I have discovered that getting OFF of Effexor is much more difficult than getting ON Effexor!

The Neurologist, gave me a plan t taper off of the drug.  I dropped to 150mg for a week, and now 75mg for a week, and then NONE!  The first ten days was TERRIBLE!!  The withdrawal symptoms included a pressurized feeling in my head that was horrific.  But today is the 11 day of the draw down and I feel almost normal!  I have more energy and I have some zip in my step.  I do not see any increase in my depression so my estimation that the drug was not doing me any good may have been correct.  We will save the final verdict until I am completely off of Effexor for a week.

Do anti-depression drugs work?  I think so and some people need them.  I may have needed them in the beginning, but I do not want to take them anymore.  I do have a prescription for a different anti-depressant if I need it, but my hope are that I can stay away from that type of drug.   We will see. 


  1. go to the web site "Surviving Antidepressants".
    lots of information and practical advice about getting off of antidepressants.

  2. Drs know very little about tapering off of antidepressants-
    Effexor is one of the most difficult to get off of even under the best conditions.
    usually what a dr does is tell a patient to tapper way too fast and then when they get terrible
    withdrawal symptoms they say "Oh, that's just the anxiety/depression returning-you need to stay on the drug for life" But in reality it's withdrawal symptoms. You can tell this because it's all things you never had before taking the drug. But this is how drs make their consciences feel better. It's common for people who stop taking an antidepressant to report feeling "better than ever" and then for delayed withdrawal to hit even months later. It took me 4 years to tapper off of 75 mgs and I still went through hell-but much less than I would've had to if I'd gone faster or went cold turkey. Antidepressants -unlike other drugs-rearrange the entire nervous system and so you have to taper very very slowly to let the nervous system return to its former state before antidepressants. Avery small percentage of people can start and stop them without withdrawal symptoms-hope you're one of them. Good luck!