Sunday, May 21, 2017

Difficulty expressing myself

I have started  two or three posts, only to delete them because I CANNOT express myself.  Things start out fine, and then, I am at a loss for words.  I was trying to go to sleep tonight, but I wanted to post this, to let you know why I a experiencing.

I am down to one Effexor 75mg, starting today and things are going moderately well.  The first week was the most difficult.  That was the week I went from three 75mg pills to two.  But, again, my memory of this entire process is fuzzy.  I have only been on this draw down one week!  I am confused.
The last week seemed like two weeks.  So, I guess the first part of the week was bad and the end of the month was better.  Tonight was the first one pill night.  We will see how this goes.

When I try to go to sleep, I get more agitated and more negative in my thoughts.  This is probably related to my med changes.  We will see.

On a positive note, I was blessed with the opportunity to perform the marriage of our Middle Grandson and his beautiful new Wife.  The remind Linda and I of us when we were first married.  It was a wonderful ceremony and reception and although I was very tired after the event, I was very happy I could be there and perform the marriage.  Again, it was a blessing for me.

Our youngest Grandson graduates from High School this week.  Another blessing.

I did some research and the National Institute of Health has a wonderful pamphlet on Lewy Body Dementia.  It is free and can be ordered online from NIH.  They have others relating to Dementia that also have value to the LBD caregiver.  Check them out.

I also did some research on my issues caused by the impact of LBD on the Autonomic portion of my brain.  I have mentioned before that I have had sexual performance issues.  I am now completely impotent.  Nothing works!  And it is because of the autonomic issues related to LBD.  It does not make me feel better about this issue, but it does help me understand it better.   I ma also having increasing difficulties swelling.  I choke and cough often after swallowing any liquid.   This is an autonomic issue too, along with my issues with fluctuating BP and body temperature.  All signs this disease is getting worse.

There, I did it.  Not pretty, not connected, but you know what I am going through.  That was always my goal.  More later.


  1. Thank you!

    Any thing that you post for us is really good. Hope for a great week.


  2. Your posts are always helpful. Thank you