Thursday, April 20, 2017

This HAS been a great life!

I realize the nature of LBD causes me to complain.  I am sorry, but there are plenty of issues that give me a reason to complain.  Just the same, I have had a very good run the first half my LBD journey.  Thanks to a great Neurologist, Dr. Mary Alliston Bowles, in Norfolk Virginia, I have been on Razadyne and Namenda and depression meds that have slowed the progress of this "always advancing" disease.

Recently, those drugs have started to loose their battle with the progression of my LBD and I have experienced more issues, as I have reported.  My Neurologist here in Pensacola, Dr. James King, and his Nurse Practitioner, Lacy Hilton, have increased my dosage of Clonizipan and that has calmed me down at night.  So, I am now more relaxed and calm at night and I can go to sleep easily and sat asleep.   I am sure this will require continuous increases to continue the positive effect.  I accept that.

I have become very reflective, and I realize my life has been pretty good.  It started out in poverty, as a throw away unwanted child.  But, because of the love of two wonderful people, Addison and Evelyn Mills, I was raised well and given great moral values.  School was not my style but the United States Navy fit me to a "T"!   That "Dream Career" lasted 40 years!  MY other Dream has been my wife, Linda.  An intelligent person who shows Christ's Love in everything she does.  God used Her to guide me to Jesus Christ and then to make me usable to God in Children's Ministry and as an Associate Pastor.

Now, we live at Azalea Trace, my third career, truthfully.  I have the opportunity to help the Staff Chaplain and we have established a Memory Support Group to help other Dementia patients.   This group keeps me in a positive state of mind.

So, as my mind diminishes and my physical capabilities decrease, I still find happiness helping others and in turn, being helped by them.  I try to present a Positive Attitude to everyone I meet in the hallways or in the dinning room.  Because, I know each of them have their own physical and cognitive issues.  We are a family here at Azalea Trace.

So, I apologize for being so negative and complaining.  There are reasons and excuses, but they are not as important as me making every effort to be thankful to God for the wonderful life I have had.   I have NO FEAR of death and I am sure it is closer than ever before.  Even closer than it was when I was a Navy Gunner's Mate.  And I am totally at ease and comfortable with God's next planned step in my life.  As a matter of fact, I look forward to it and embrace it!  Life has been very good.  Praise God!!


  1. What a wonderful testimony of your trust in the Lord and faithfulness to Him through all the challenges of your life! May the Lord continue to guide and sustain you! Your blog has been a tremendous blessing to me and so many others.

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