Friday, April 7, 2017

My thanks to Azalea Trace and Lacy Hilton of Sacred Heart Neurological

Six months ago, we started a "Dementia Patients Support Group" here at Azalea Trace.   We meet every week for an hour and help each other deal with our individual Dementia Journeys.  Tonight, the Nurse Practitioner at my Neurologist's Office, Lacy Hilton, had dinner with those of us in the Dementia Patent's Support Group.  We had all the members of the group, their spouses, and the Nurse Practitioner from Azalea Trace, Missy Clements, in attendance.

It was a wonderful meal and time of fellowship.  But the information Lacy provided was the best part of the evening.  After she gave us an update on the latest research in Dementia care, Lacy answered questions and interacted, personally, with each member of the group.  Her factual approach and reassuring nature helped each member of our group feel at ease and open.

Having The Sacred Heart Neurological Group ready to interact with Dementia patients and their care givers is a blessing to all of us.  Future meetings are planned and more outreach is needed here at Azalea Trace and through the country.  People need to understand Dementia, not run from it.

Again, I thank the medical team and Administration here at Azalea Trace for setting the stage for this type of personal education program and Lacy Hilton for starting what will become the model for other retirement communities to follow!

It was a Great night!!


  1. What a wonderful evening . Your comment that people need to understand Dementia,not run from it is so true. I wish we had a group of people in my state who have Lewy Body meet like your group and share our experiences. That is why your blog is so helpful. If I am experiencing something new I can ask your readers if they have ever had something like staring into space for longer periods of time then I used to. I cannot thank you enough as you have shed a bright light on this disease.

  2. I agree with John. This blog is a blessing for many. Whether those with LBD or their loved ones good information is scarce otherwise

  3. Happy for you and those who were able to attend, and that medical folks are reaching out. A blessing.

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