Sunday, March 26, 2017

You don't look sick! Again

I discussed my anger over the comments of people on my journey with LBD with my Psychologist last Monday .  You know, the comments those self-proclaimed neurologists that work other jobs that tell us we are faking.  In any case my Neurologist tried to tell me those comments were actually "COMPLIMENTS"

I can see that.  It is like telling some very overweight woman; "You don't sweat bad for a Fat girl!"

Compliment my butt!  The people that tell me I look "normal" are telling me I am faking my disease like some "Welfare Queen".   You are lying to get money from the government!  You are faking to get sympathy!  You are pretending to have a disease they really cannot diagnose so you don't have to work.  

Let me state, that I disagree with my Psychologist, completely!  And that I think he had a FAKE Phd diploma from a Cracker Jack box.

There, I feel better.  Anyone want pancakes?


  1. Thanks for sharing your frustration, It helps me.

    God bless you.

  2. i understand completely! My neuropsychologist had the audacity/stupidity to tell me my LBD related frustrations stemmed from the fact I was a perfectionist! Let her walk two weeks in our shoes!!

  3. Agree. I am frustrated all the time and it is because of Lewy Body Dementia