Thursday, February 9, 2017

People, and their opinions, anger me

Trust me, I cleaned that title up!  I enjoy playing billiards on Wednesday and Sunday Evening.   I am even improving!  But, there are a couple of men that play those nights that are very, very liberal  ;politically!    And they like to espouse their left wing dribble when we play billiards.

Now, I am a very conservative person, politically.  But I seldom express m political views here at Azalea Trace, because I know some of my fellow residents are very liberal and I do not want to offend the,  But these two individuals do not seem to have the same common sense and decency that I have.

In any case,  last night the liberal pool players were on their game, politically that is.  And the aggravated me.  Now, I had two choices.  First choice;  Get very angry, verbally flame spray them,  therefore alleviating them.  This was a bad idea because I was beginning to feel my old "Kick some Ass" emotions beginning to rise.  The second choice was to leave.

Since I still want to be respectful of other people's feelings, I left, after winning the game we were playing.  I said nothing about why I was departing.  I just left.  I spent the rest of the night pretty upset!  But, no one got hurt!  And no one's feeling got hurt, I hope.

I am going to stop playing for a while, to see how my emotions settle out on the issue.  I am also going to cocoon for awhile, just to help me calm down.  Of course, last night I was going to destroy my Pool Cue!

Since so many folks deny I have LBD, they are not in tune with the idea that I have emotional control issues because of my disease.  The deny the impact of "Sundowning" and they show now concern for my well being.   Actually, they are a group of self-centered assholes who need their ass kicked!!  I wonder what the community punishment is for that offense.  No, I think I will just cocoon for a while.  Discretion IS the better part of valor.  I hope I remember that for a while longer.


  1. Hang in there, and God bless.

  2. Good for you! You showed admirable restraint. I also have anger issues as a result of LBD, and I know how hard that restraint can be and the need for cocooning. Your blog is such a help to me!

  3. And to me as I also have anger issues something I never had until LBD when I read your blog and others answers I don't feel alone