Tuesday, February 14, 2017


As I have written, we moved to a one bedroom apartment in late December.  We were in a 1200 sq ft two bedroom apartment and I never felt comfortable there.  I wandered around the community and talked to people, looked at different parts of the community, and looked at vacant apartments.  If I was in the apartment, I sat in my chair or went to bed.  I seldom used the other rooms except to escape the political discourse on television that my Wife liked to watch.  Then I would go in the second bedroom, which we used as an office and put my headphones on.

Now, in our 600 sq ft one bedroom, I am comfortable.  I feel safe and complete.  I seldom go out of the apartment to seek companionship or relaxation.  The apartment has become my "safe place".  I also love the view out of our living room winds.  Trees, large lawn, bushes, flowers, squirrels, butterflies, birds, and the changing weather.  Both Marcel the Wonder Poodle and I love the show out of that window.

I find this interesting since we spent much of our life chasing bigger, better, newer, and more modern!   Now, I seek a compact, safe, comfortable, apartment that holds me in it's soft, secure embrace.


  1. Because of your blog I no longer feel crazy and so alone. For that I am so grateful.

  2. I like cocooning and a safe place times when I am having LBD issues like anger and frustration I want to be alone anyone else feel like that

    1. Yes. And getting frustrated, angry with Dr's of committing to the diagnosis. Went to Mayo Clinic and they agreed I have some LBD symptoms (at least 10-12 of them) RMD, LPR, severe apnea, leg move syndrome, depression, loss of balance, degenerative cognitive and executive functions, and more. But my MRI/PET scans don't show much- they would not totally give me possible or probably LBD, they did confirm a stroke occured sometime past. It's really pissing me off now. I'm retired military and just retired 5 years early from civil service because of this stuff. Now dealing with several federal agencies for disability. Cost my wife and I lots of money from both salary and my retirement monies.

      Sorry to rant, highly frustrated.

      Friends, think I'm either making up the stuff or just goofy. Some don't even visit since I retired. Blah, blah