Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why did we move to a one bedroom apartment?

Living in a retirement community, you have to understand that many people want to monitor what you do.  Naturally, there is the management and staff.  That make perfect sense since they are responsible for our well being.  Then there are those "inquisitive" fellow residents that just have to know everything about you and your personal business!  Believe me, they ask some very personal questions!

So, naturally, we have been fully questioned about the reasons for our move.  Now, I know a number of folks that have "downsized" since we moved in over two years ago.  And I am very sure their under ware was thoroughly inspected also!  Still, it is a little aggravating to have the "Spanish Inquisition" directed at you every time you go for a meal!  But, here are the REAL reasons we moved.

First and foremost was our budget.  When we were offered the Two Bedroom Master, we did not thin we could afford it.  But, we were assured we could.  Well, numerous government programs and no COLA's convinced us we were right.  Now, we could drain our saving and sty in the two bedroom of another ten years.  But we are not people that spend every penny we have.  The move reduces our monthly outlay by $710 a month.  Nothing to sneeze at!

Second, having rooms you seldom use, furnishing them, cleaning them, heating and cooling them, makes little sense and also makes the electricity bill higher!  Additionally, people here at Azalea do not come to your home to socialize.  They socialize in the common areas.  The lounges, card rooms, Dinning Room, auditorium, and recreation facilities.  Their apartments are their private refuges.

Third, this move with it's reduction in rent, will also reduce the cost of any higher level of care either go us might require.  Now, we have to be in the One Bedroom for one year before we need that increased level of care to receive that benefit.  But, it is still a definite benefit.

Fourth,  a smaller, more cozy, apartment makes me feel more secure.   Remember, I have to know, every minute of every day, where my wife is.  If she was in the master bathroom and I was in the living room, I would call out and ask where she was!  In the one bedroom apartment, if I sit in y recliner, I can see every room and who is going where.  Seems silly to you, I know.  But that is how my LBD mind works.

And finally, I know I will most likely be a charter resident of the new Memory Support Facility that ACTS is adding during the soon to be started Assisted and Skilled Care facility expansion.  A one bedroom apartment would be good for my Wife with me living in a different part of Azalea.

So there you have it.  Our reasons for our move.  Oh, how do I answer the inquisitions here?  "WE moved because we wanted too!"

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