Sunday, January 1, 2017

The MOVE day three

We Slept in this morning.  I got up at 10 AM and my wife got up at 11 AM.  But we hit the deck running after that.  I moved the remaining four pieces of  furniture into the apartment.  It is a little tight, but it works and there are safe, trip free passages everywhere.  We have spent the remainder of the day moving into furniture.  Book, books, and more books.  I am married to a Librarian.  We moved our clothes in and we still have the "Cubes" of genealogy projects to move.  That will be tomorrow.  I hope to be done by Tuesday.  If not, I am ordering a dump truck!  I am done.  How do we have so much paper and books!!  None of this stuff is mine!!  Oh well.

In any case, I can see the end.  Tomorrow will be another tough, busy day.  We have a dresser and two night stands to move to our son's house.  We are also giving them our rocking chair that we bought 44 years ago.  I am NOT happy about that, but it does not fit here.   I will rent a truck tomorrow and get that over there tomorrow.  That will leave the two bedroom apartment void of furniture.

Marcel, our remaining miniature poodle is not adjusting well to his new surroundings.  He lost Cherie a three weeks ago and they were pals.  He now howls when we leave him alone.  He is also peeing in the house.  I hope he gets his act together soon.

This has been stressful and that will not change for the next few days.

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