Monday, January 2, 2017

The Move, Day four!

Last night it rained heavy!  Ferocious thunder and lightening!  So, sleep was difficult.  I had to get up early because the local dry cleaner was picking up two area rugs to clean.  Then, I had to get ready for the Chapel Service in the Skilled Care facility that is part of Azalea Trace.  I truly love leading those Worship services.  Both of those done, I went to work to help my Wife make progress emptying the old apartment.  We rented another truck to take some bedroom furniture to our son's home.   He came over to drive the truck and our youngest grandson and our son moved the  furniture.   During that event, the rains, thunder, and lightening came again, in a big way!  Even Tornado Warnings!  We also moved the cubes and now we are down to small items, more books, and papers, to put away.  We should have the old apartment empty tomorrow.

I will hang curtains in the bedroom and things on the walls tomorrow, I hope.

We sill have a lot to find places for.  Some things will not make it into the new apartment.  Some of those things have never been used!  For instance, we had enough obscure kitchen tools to start a restaurant!!   Since our kitchen is small, gourmet cooking is probably a thing of the past.  No big deal.

So, we made great progress today, but we are getting tired and worn out.  One more day of the big push and we should be living in one apartment.

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  1. One thing you missed - After just getting into the car you asked God to make the rain go away - and the rain stopped while we loaded, drove the van, and unloaded it!!!