Thursday, January 5, 2017

The move, day 7. The last report!

We slept until 10AM today!!  Then we got busy putting things away, putting up art work and pictures, and getting rid of some things we moved into the new apartment.  Sometimes things you thought would fit, just don't!    Sometimes, you look at things you bought and ask yourself;  Why did we buy that!?

The apartment is beginning to look like home.   So, this will be the last report on the move.   It has been a very difficult process.  Tiring, emotionally and mentally draining, and overwhelming for me and Linda.   You would think moving 50 feet to another apartment could not be too difficult.  Not so.  At least not at this stage in our lives.  And, of course, downsizing has it's own issues.  But, we have found some creative places to store things!!

This move is good for us financially, health wise, and physically.  Our budget is in great shape because of this decision!  We have a smaller apartment to take care of, and we will have a lower rent now and lower long term care costs!  All in all, this move has positive long term budgetary benefits.

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