Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The last of the move is done!

Today, I put up the drapes in the living for the third time!  It is a long story, but the end product is, after two types of curtain rods, three different types of curtains, and two lengths of brackets, not to mention numerous holes in the wall to patch, the drapes are up and we like them.  Then, today, we finally got the pantry organized.  So, all is done, we are fully moved in, and we are very happy with our decision to move to the one bedroom apartment.

One of the funny issues is doing the laundry.   We had a washer and dryer in our two bedroom and many times, I would decide I wanted to wash the pants I had on, or the under ware I had on, when I was loading the washing machine.  No issue right?  Well, yesterday, I got to the laundry room on the third deck and decided I needed to wash the Levi's I had on.  I thought, not a good idea!  I guess I will have to plan better in the future.

This was a good move for us in everyday.  We should have moved into a one bedroom first.  But, it it s what it is.  All is good now.  I feel better, sleep better, and the smaller apartment fits us better.

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