Sunday, January 1, 2017

The confusion of Dementia.

Let me explain something I did.  We ordered online, some flex light strips.  They did not meet our needs and I wanted to send them back.   So, after getting a return label, I packaged what I thought was the Flex Light Strips and sent them back.  That was 10 days or so ago.  We shifted apartments in our retirement community, and I bought LED bulbs for our ceiling fan lights.  I needed this LED bulbs yesterday and I could NOT find them.  They were NOT where I put them or at least where I thought I put them.  My first and predominant view was someone stole them!  

I went to bed angry!  About two in the morning I woke up remembering the return package of the flex light strips and I remembered seeing the strips in a box of things that day.  The light came on, I sent my LED bulbs to the Online company.

I am getting more and more confused and incapable of normal mental organization.   This has been frustrating, and depressing for me.  It has also illustrated my condition and how the progression of my LBD has further reduced my mental functioning, called "Executive Function" by my neurologist.

I wonder what will happen next?

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  1. I know this is part of LBD-
    my father is always saying "someone stole" something when he can't find it.

    But you can at least say that this is still mild paranoia. Especially if you are still self-correcting.
    Your progression seems pretty slow to me-hopefully you will be one of those who go 10 years +.
    I think maybe a real therapy for this disease will appear for the first time in the next 2-4 years.