Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The Activities Director is planning a trip to the USS Alabama next month.  It is on a Tuesday and I want to go.  Not as a tourist but as a tour guide for others.  I know more about Battleships than anyone here and most living people.   But, there is a problem, the trip happens on a Tuesday and that is one of my Wife's Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) days.  She told me I should not go because I get disoriented and tree and I most likely would have difficulties.  And she is very protective of me and does not want me alone if those issues occur.  So, I am restricted to Quarters!

I agree with her, in principle, but I think someone on the trip could help me if I needed it.  But, would they know what to look for in my actions and mental capabilities?  The obvious answer is no.  But it still bothers me that I no longer can go places that I want too, on my own.  It is an unavoidable fat of my LBD.

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  1. too bad since the Navy is you second home.
    I visited the Alabama on spring break -I was wondering around alone below decks and
    almost got lost! Amazing how big it is!