Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Loosing the ability to Preach

Since we moved into Azalea Trace, I have voluntarily helped the Staff Chaplain anytime he asked me.  I enjoy doing God's work and Jim provides me many opportunities.  He is very busy with funerals and hospital visits, considering the community I live in.  So, helping him, helps him serve others and for that I am glad.

The last four weeks I have stood in for Jim for the Tuesday Chapel Service in Skilled Nursing.  It is a well attended service complete with hymns, responsive reading, music provided by two very dedicated musicians,  and of course a Sermon.  Each time I stand in for Jim on Tuesday, I have to set up the entire service including selecting the Hymns and Responsive Reading as well as writing and delivering the Sermon.   It is the Order of Worship that has cause dmd increasing difficulty.  It seems I cannot translate the Hymn names and numbers from the Hymnal to the printed Order of Worship.   This confusion has become a source of humor for the two musicians.  They have to figure out what Hymn I really want.  One time, recently but not in this four week run, I used the wrongHymnal all together!   That caused some confusion for all of us!

I am also having issues and difficulties delivering the message.  I get confused with verses, cannot find them in the Bible unless I mark the pages or print out the verses on my script, and even then, I get confused.  More and more, I am feeling disconnected and disoriented even in familiar surroundings and doing familiar tasks.  

Many people do not catch my difficulties, but the Organist and Pianist both do.  They are kind about it and even find some humor in my difficulties which they share with me after the Service.  I actually appreciate they humor and enjoy the laugh.  But, things are getting difficult and I know m ability to deliver an understandable service are drawing to an end.

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