Friday, January 27, 2017

Lewy Body Dementia is a LONELY disease!

My last post, some hours ago reflected on how Sundowning impacts my television viewing.  But LBD is a very lonely disease.  Yes, I talk to friends on the telephone, email them, and have individuals and couples here at Azalea Trace that I am friendly with and enjoy eating meals with in the dinning room or other activities.  But no deep friendships, people in my living room, or in-depth conversations.   My Wife is very introverted, she always has been.  Her parents were very secluded and secretive.  They have no friends and had limited contact with very few relatives, ever!  And while my Wife and I have a great relationship, I long for contact with my friends of the past.  People I have things in common with and share life experiences with.

But, alas, no one comes to visit.  

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