Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I am a prisoner!!

Last night, as I started to relax for sleep, I started a thought process about what I would do if my Wife would predecease me.  My thoughts immediately went to leaving Pensacola, moving back to Virginia Beach and all my friends.  Getting an apartment in an over 62 community.  Buying a new pick up truck and getting back into shooting!  Then, in a shock, it came to me;  Who was going to manage my medicines?!  

You see, without Linda, I can not put my medicines together for the week, well enough remember to take them!  I also cannot manage the budget, taxes, or the events of my day.  Oh yes, and I am not supposed to drive alone!  And, most likely, the next Neurologist's visit, I will not be able to drive at all.

The, I realized, I am where I will love until I die.  I am a prisoner for life.  Oh well, it is a nice place to be a prisoner.  The food is good, the living conditions are great, there is plenty to do, and the weather is good.  I guess I can deal with tis prison.

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