Friday, January 27, 2017

How television impacts me

I used to love ruff and tumble, gun fight programs.  Detectives, military, spy movies, hero defeats the bad guy, shows were my stock and trade.   I liked the excitement, I liked the fights and gun fights, I liked the violence.  It expressed some of things I did in my Navy career.  Those movies and series were me.

Now, especially in the evenings, those types of shows upset me and stress me out.  I get agitated angry, and frustrated.  I can actually feel my BP rise and my heart rate increase.  Neither of which are good for me since I already have issues with both.   So, we have decided those types of shows are off limits for my evening viewing.  It just makes sense for me and my Wife.  Remember, if I am having issues, she suffers from my agitation.

I realize this is because of "Sundowning", but knowing why does not make it easy to change my viewing habits.  And sometimes, I forget why things impact me.  

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