Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Changes, challenges, and frustrations

The last two weeks have been difficult.  We are completely moved into our new apartment.  Everything is in it's place, although we sometime have difficulty finding that PLACE!  But, we have not established a routine and that is causing me great difficulties.  I have not had a nap in two weeks!  My days do not have order.  That coupled with being busy since Christmas filling in for the staff Chaplain and I am overwhelmed.

I have become more confused, I have noticed my BP running higher, and last night I wet the bed.  So, the move has negatively impacted me and my LBD has definitely progressed.  Even writing this post is difficult because I cannot connect my thoughts to the keys.

Today, I had difficulty Preaching in Skilled Care because my ability to remember and deliver what I wrote was severely impaired!  I was not prepared for this and I am concerned I will not rebound, ever.

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