Saturday, December 31, 2016

The MOVE, day two!

We are beat!  We moved all of the heavy, difficult furniture today, thanks to the great help from our son, two grandsons, soon to be granddaughter in law, and two of the grandsons friends.  But, it was a tough day.  But we will sleep in our new "Tiny House" apartment!   Things are fitting pretty well.  No anger outbursts.  Just good organization.  My wife has worked each night into the wee hours of the morning and then got up rely and hit it again!  She is amazing.

One decision that I made yesterday, came as a surprise to my wife and son.  I have been an avid gun collector and shooter for a long time.  But, I have sold off about half of my collection and kept what my son wanted to inherit.  I decided last night, that he needed to inherit them today!  So, we moved the safe to his house.  No small undertaking!  I believe this is a sane, intelligent, timely decision.  He deserves them and I really do not need to have them here.

So, we wil continue to put things away, move a few pieces of furniture tomorrow, and clean out the two bedroom apartment tomorrow and Monday.  Hopefully we will be ALL complete by Tuesday!!     I am worn out, sore, exhausted, and ready to sleep.  More tomorrow.

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