Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our move is here!

Our new one bedroom apartment is almost ready.   There are a few, minor, finishing touches and we hope we get the keys tomorrow.  If so, we intend to start moving the kitchen first.  Plates into the cabinets, pots and pans, food, all moved and stored.  Then closets and storage items followed by the clothes.  Then we will move light, easy to move furniture and place the items in those pieces of furniture.  Of course, we ave to coordinate the delivery of a sofa.  Hopefully that will come on Friday or Saturday.

This move will be easier than most but promises to be as stressful as any cross country move.  I am looking forward to this being done.  I am not looking forward to doing it!!  I pray it will be done by Sunday.  We will see.

Stress is NOT good fro me in any way!  So, we will try to keep the stress to a minimum.  Stay tuned for more stories of the move.

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  1. Good luck if I lived near you I would come over and give you some help! Keep us posted