Friday, December 30, 2016

Move, day ONE!! A day of decisions

We took possession of our new, smaller, apartment this morning.  There were a few a few last minute cleaning issues that the staff rapidly solved.  Then we waited for the delivers of the new headboard, dresser, and sofa.  All of which came later than than advertised, but what's news.  The sofa had to be delivered over the porch railing and through the sliding glass doors!  But, it went smoothly.

Our son and two grandsons arrived after 4 to help us move some of the heavy things and the kitchen items.  As of 9:30 tonight, the kitchen is done, organized, and now we can get the living room and bedroom complete tomorrow morning.  Starting time is planned for 9 AM.

Some things just will not fit like we thought they would.  And our comfort and safety are our first priority.   Many folks here at Azalea have asked me why we are moving to a one bedroom apartment.  Yes we have a large, two bedroom apartment, with our own washer and dryer, dining room, and office.  But, at a high cost for space we seldom use.

Then there is the reality of my disease.  My death will reduce my wife's income and a lower cost of living will help with that.  If I need a higher level of care, the two bedroom apartment will really be too big and seldom used.  If I stay in the apartment for the foreseeable future, I will  be more comfortable in a smaller space because I feel more secure in that setting.  So, a one bedroom, 612 sq ft apartment is better for us than a 1200 sq ft two bedroom apartment.  Again, it is what is best for us.

I my wife and are realists and a planners.  This move reflects that attitude.  

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