Monday, December 12, 2016

How can I deal with leg pain?

I have write that my leg pain has increased and has also progressed to my lower back.  I have also written that  finally have given in to using pain meds.  Now, I am on a search for a non-narcotic pain per that works.  My aversion to narcotics is based on the addictive nature of these drugs and the effect they have on my colon.  I had half of my colon removed for a tumor 15 years ago and constipation has become a problem because of the LBD.  So, I really want to stay off narcotic drugs.

I am trying Excedrin right now with limited success right now.  I may try Ibuprofen tonight.  I need to get this under control because the pain is preventing me from sleeping for any long periods.   Last night, I finally got up at 3:30 AM and stayed up because of the pain.

I am not complaining but only trying to record this issue for everyone to learn from since we are our own support group.  I find that my GP is useless for anything related to my LBD.The Neurologist is OK, but inexperienced.  I have asked my GP and the Neurologist to set me up with a Palliative Care Physician, but to date, they do not think I am at that stage yet.  I have a surprise for both of them;  Yes I am!


  1. Understand how you feel my legs ache and are very rigid nothing helps they tell me it goes with the disease good luck my friend and let us know if you find anything that gives you relief

  2. I have a question do you experience headaches and do you have tinnitus I have both but the ringing and buzzing in my ears drives me crazy I am trying to find out if it is connected to Lewy Body in addition I never had headaches like I am having now