Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Making Adjustments

A number of changes are happening in our lives.  Some directly related to LBD and some related to our future as it is impacted by LBD.

First, we have been on the waiting list to move to a one bedroom apartment here at Azalea Trace.  We originally moved into a 1200 sq ft two bedroom that is magnificent and expensive.  We wanted a one bedroom when we moved but nine were available.  We tried the two bedroom, but it is time to move to the one bedroom and one is now ready for us to remodel.  Not a big remodel, but some to make things the way we want them.  We will save $800 a month!

Why move?  Budget for one.  Our retirement income has dropped ever since we retired due to increased taxes, Medicare part B increases, and increases in the REAL cost of living without any COLA for four years!  So, to ensure our future financial health, we decided to make the downsizing move.

But, there are other benefits.  This big two bedroom is too much for my Wife if I am in Assisted Living/Memory Care.  And that is where I am headed, sooner than later.  So, this move to the One Bedroom will make our future easier logistically and financially.

Now, on to new LBD symptoms.  To say my memory and mental executive function is getting worse is an understatement best illustrated by the following.  I was sitting on the toilet, doing my business, when I got the urge to get up and leave the bathroom.  Mind you, I was not done doing my business!   Messy to say the least.  I actually forgot what I was going, even though it was still going on!

I have also noticed that my irregular heartbeat issue may be getting worse.  How?  I could never tell I had an irregular heartbeat by taking my own pulse.  The other day, I had my had on my until, with my legs crossed and I could feel my pulse stop and start!  It would got for a number of beats and then stop, and then start again.  Interesting.

So, things are progressing as I say.  And all the budgetary and living accommodation changes will make future financial issues easier.  Oh well, as long as I know where my coffee cup is!  


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